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John teaches Ron all about Cyan Dye Tracks and
Red LED Reading Lamps for film soundtracks.

Red Alert title
The Projector
Comparision of dye tracks Article about Red Alert
Diagram comparing new Cyan Dye Track with older silver track. High Magenta track is an intermediate stage which will work on old and new projectors. Article in CINEMA TECHNOLOGY Magazine by Tony Iles, explaining the new Cyan Dye Tracks.

Available from BKSTS.

John Harper with greyscale
Comedy Training Film for Cinema Projectionists

Starring: Graham Christopher and Frank Scantori

Written by: Keith Adamson
Focus Puller: John Harper
Sound: Richard Welsh
Editor: David Hankin
Lab Liason: Andrew Wales
Produced by: Ray Perry
Directed by: Paul Cotgrove

Dur: 5 mins

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