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Set in a bar in South London, Free Spirits is a sexy feel-good comedy, following the fortunes of four individuals through the hottest day of the summer.

Bandana Bob, the bar owner, is fighting off a takeover bid from a particularly ruthless developer.

Matty, Bob's trusty sidekick, is having trouble with his furiously maternal girlfriend, Carla.

Jimmy, a boxer on the comeback trail, is having a hard time supporting his family, not to mention his double-crossing manager.

Kelly, an aspiring actress, really likes Bob, but being shy is unsure how to proceed with her amorous desires.

And then there's the customers - office girls, clergymen, drug dealers, bald men, salesmen.You won't believe their antics or reasons for being in the bar.

Never will you see a British comedy in quite the same way after seeing Free Spirits.

Be who you want to be, do what you want to do...

The Bar Leon Herbert as Bob
Matty serves a customer Joanna Stanton
Jimmy Flint Kelly With Friend
The Vicar Matty pours for the girls
V Max / Big H Productions

Starring: Leon Herbert, Richard Clements,
Sally Ann Marsh, Jimmy Flint, Bob Mercer
Director: Oliver Knott

Dur: 90 mins

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